Strategic HR, Control and Technology

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Strategic HR, Control and Technology

This self-paced course consists of reading and/or listening to content and answering assessment questions.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. list and describe the principles of corporate governance
  2. describe the major HR functions that must occur in most organizations
  3. explain the primary purposes of having established HR policies
  4. list the topics that would typically be covered in an employee handbook
  5. explain the difference between HR generalists and HR specialists
  6. list and describe the main roles of an HR manager
  7. list the nine HR competencies from the HRCS Model and describe the skills and abilities associated with each
  8. describe the various commonly-used methods of budgeting
  9. explain the purposes of HR budgets
  10. describe the purpose and process of an HR audit
  11. list and explain the methods of human resource accounting
  12. explain the primary HR metrics
  13. define and explain the balanced scorecard
  14. explain the benefits of outsourcing HR functions
  15. describe the purpose of an HRIS
  16. explain the process for selecting an HRIS
  17. explain the maintenance required for an HRIS
  18. describe the uses of employee portals
  19. describe the guidelines for a technology use policy
  20. explain how virtual teams are used in organizations

Successful completion of this course requires passing all of the assessments at 100 percent. The assessments can be taken multiple times. Upon successful completion of this course you can download a certificate of completion and access the pre-approved Activity IDs from the Completed tab on the MY COURSES page.

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