Organizational Change and Development

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Organizational Change and Development 

This self-paced course consists of reading and/or listening to content and answering assessment questions. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. define the change agent role
  2. explain developmental change, transitional change, and transformational change
  3. describe the models for change created by Kurt Lewin, Gene Dalton, and John Kotter
  4. list and explain four methods for overcoming resistance to change
  5. explain the action research model
  6. list and explain Peter Senge’s five disciplines for developing an organization’s learning capabilities and the five building blocks for creating a learning organization
  7. describe various interpersonal, group, intergroup, and organizational OD interventions
  8. explain when an interpersonal OD intervention might be appropriate
  9. describe various group OD interventions
  10. explain the intergroup OD interventions that could be used to help resolve conflict
  11. describe various organization-wide OD interventions
  12. list the steps in implementing a TQM intervention

Successful completion of this course requires passing all of the assessments at 100 percent. The assessments can be taken multiple times. Upon successful completion of this course you can download a certificate of completion and access the pre-approved Activity IDs from the Completed tab on the MY COURSES page.

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